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I'm no longer active in developing SANE drivers. Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list.


This page covers the SANE Mustek SCSI ("mustek") backend which includes support for Mustek and some Trust SCSI scanners. I will try to summarize known bugs and (where available) solutions. Part of this is second hand knowledge, so be careful. I need your help! Please contact me if you find errors on this page or want to contribute. I would like to know if your Mustek (or Trust) SCSI scanner works with SANE or not. Please see "Bug and success reports" for more information.

This site doesn't have any connection to Mustek.

If you want to test the "bleeding edge" you can look at the download section for the latest Mustek SCSI backend.

This is not about Microsoft Windows. I can't help you with this operating system. Don't ask questions about Windows drivers. No, I don't have drivers for XP.

Supported scanners

The list of the Mustek scanners supported by the latest official SANE version can be found at the SANE website.

The following list shows the level of support provided by the current version of the Mustek SCSI backend. Some of the features marked as "supported" may not be (or not fully) supported by the official SANE package, so you have to use the current Mustek SCSI backend (see download section). For an explanation of the table see the legend. I use the name that is printed on the front of the scanner. Sometimes there is a slightly different name on the back and/or on the packing material (e.g. Mustek Paragon 1200SP versus 12000SP versus MFS-12000SP).

All Scanners that are not mentioned here are most probably not supported. Have a look at the table of Mustek Scanners for details. If your Mustek scanner isn't mentioned here but does work, please contact me.

Most reports I get are about Linux. Very little about *BSD and nearly none about other OS and platforms. The SCSI scanners should work on every Unix-like system but you never know ...

SCSI scanners

Most of the Mustek SCSI scanners are supported by the Mustek SCSI backend. Concerning the SCSI adapters provided by Mustek and other SCSI cards, see the SCSI section.

Other scanners

The only non-SCSI scanners that are currently supported by this backend is the Paragon 600 II N and 600 II EP. For other Mustek scanners, e.g. USB and Parport scanners have a look at the list of Mustek scanners.

Vendor Model Firmware Level of Support
Mustek Paragon MFS-6000CX 1.80, 2.71, 4.00*, 4.04*, 4.05 ++++++
Paragon MFS-12000CX 1.00, 4.00*, 4.04++++++
Paragon MFS-6000SP 2.01, 2.02, 2.10, 3.12*++++++
Paragon MFS-8000SP 1.51-? ?
1.20*, 2.01, 2.03, 2.04, 2.05++ ++++
Paragon MFS-12000SP
Paragon 1200SP
Scanmagic 1200 SP
1.00*, 1.02*, 1.04, 1.05, 1.06, 1.07, 1.11++ +++
Paragon MFC-600S
Paragon 600 II CD
Paragon 600 II SP
ScanMagic 600 II SP
1.01, 1.02, 2.00*, 2.01*, 2.03 ++++++
Paragon 600 II EP ?? n/an/a
Paragon 600 II N 1.00, 1.01*, 1.02+ n/an/a
2.00? n/an/a
Paragon 800 II SP 1.02, 1.03, 1.06* ++++++
Paragon MFC-800S ? ???
Paragon 1200 LS 2.00 ++n/a++
Paragon 1200 SP Pro 2.01*++ ?++
Paragon 1200 A3 Pro 1.00, 1.10++ ??
ScanExpress 6000SP 1.00*, 1.01 ++n/a++
ScanExpress 12000SP
Paragon 1200 III SP
ScanMagic 9636S
1.00, 1.01*, 1.02, 2.00, 2.02* ++n/a ++
ScanExpress 12000SP Plus
ScanMagic 9636S Plus
1.00, 1.01* ++n/a++
ScanExpress 1200 FS 1.02 ???? ??
ScanExpress A3 SP 2.00* +n/a+
Trust Imagery 1200 2.61++++++
Imagery 1200 SP 2.10++++++
Imagery 4800 SP 1.02++++++
SCSI Connect 19200
SCSI Connect 19200 Excellence
19200 excellence series
Primax Compact 4800 SCSI 2.03 ++++++


The name of the manufactorer or reseller
The model name of the scanner. Sometimes different names are used for the same scanner.
The firmware version of your scanner. Scanners with different firmware version my have different features or bugs. An asterisk (*) means that I own or have direct access to this type of scanner.
Level of Support
The level of support provided by the backend:
n/aNot supported by scanner hardware
--Is detected but doesn't work at all
-Supported, but contains major bugs (wrong colors, segmentation faults during scanning)
+Supported with bugs (e.g. very slow or not all resolutions or modes work)
++Supported, no known major bugs
?Unknown or disputed, please send report
Normal scanning in lineart, gray or color mode
Automatic document feeder support
Transparency adapter support (for slides or negatives)

Known problems and scanner-specific information

Mustek Paragon MFS-6000CX and Paragon MFS-12000CX (3-pass)

Don't use a file located on a NFS disc in color mode, it will be extremely slow. It may be slow with slow hard discs, too.

Automatic document feeder (ADF) doesn't work for color mode.

SCSI-vendor: MUSTEK; SCSI-model: MFS-06000CX, MSF-06000CZ, MFS-12000CX; scanner-id: (see SCSI-model)

Mustek Paragon MFS-6000SP

Not too much reports for this scanner. If your scanner produces solid black images in color and gray mode, update to at least Mustek backend 1.0-125. As a work-around you can also try setting option custom-gamma (e.g. scanimage --custom-gamma). See Bug and success reports.

SCSI-vendor: MUSTEK; SCSI-model: MSF-06000SP, MFS-06000SP?; scanner-id: (see SCSI-model)

Mustek Paragon MFS-8000SP

Somebody reported lineart mode dropping lines, possibly lineart-fix will help? I couldn't reproduce this here. Version 1.51 is reported to produce solid gray images. Please send more reports. See Bug and success reports.

SCSI-vendor: MUSTEK; SCSI-model: MSF-08000SP (MFS-08000SP for 2.x versions); scanner-id: (see SCSI-model)

Mustek Paragon 12000SP, Paragon 1200SP

Please use a current Mustek backend. Several versions of this scanner seem to be suffering from stripes in color mode in older versions of the Mustek backend. You need at least version 1.0-113 to avoid problems with custom gamma.

There are several problems in connection to the use of an ADF: The 1200SP V 1.00 has problems with color scanning in connection with an ADF. It "says" that it doesn't need linedistance correction but this isn't true. Maybe a firmware bug. Other versions (like V 1.02 and V 1.06) have the following bug: The scanner bar is not in the correct position when scanning sheets from the ADF so all images are gray. Sometimes you can see the extreme left and right parts of the image scanned correctly. This looks like a firmware bug, as the same happens with the Windows driver. The only workaround I know is to turn up the ADF, remove it from the scanner, lay it on the scanner without using the bracket, and move it about 15 mm to the front of the scanner. Try some scans to find the exact position.

The Mustek Paragon 12000 SP III (or 1200 SP III) is different from these Paragon scanners. Despite its name it's a ScanExpress model.

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: MFS-12000SP, MSF-12000SP?

Mustek Paragon MFC-600S, Paragon 600 II CD, Paragon 600 II SP, ScanMagic 600 II SP

Someone wrote that MUSTEK_FLAG_USE_EIGHTS was needed to get his ScanMagic 600 II SP running but nobody else ever complained so I'm not sure if this is valid with current versions of SANE. Please send a report if you have a ScanMagic scanner(see Bug and success reports).

"Paragon 600 II SP" seems to be the name that was used by Mustek for the MFC-600S (which is printed on the scanner itsself).

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: MFC-06000CZ

Mustek Paragon MFC-800S, Paragon 800 II SP

The scanner is very slow.

For the MFC-800S there seem to be problems in color mode. If you own such a scanner please write to me (see Bug and success reports)!

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: MFC-08000CZ

Mustek ScanExpress 6000SP

At 600 dpi in color mode there are colored lines all across the image. This problem doesn't accur with a "real" SCSI adapter. I have one report about slow scanning with version 1.01. Maybe this is because of the Mustek SCSI adapter or its Linux kernel driver. It doesn't occur with my 6000SP 1.01.

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: " C03 S10IDW"

Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP, Paragon 1200 SP III, ScanMagic 9636S

Use a "real" SCSI adpater with this scanner. The one supplied by Mustek may cause any of the following issues: Several people reported the scanner as to be very slow because of backtracking in color mode with high resolutions in connection to wide scan areas. Some had horizontal stripes in color and grayscale mode with firmware version 1.01. Maybe this problem occurs with all firmware versions below 2.0. I can reproduce this sometimes with a ScanMagic 9636S v1.01. It only happens in color mode at >600 dpi and width > 10 cm. You may try to use really large buffer sizes (2MB or 4MB) as these stripes occur at the end of a buffer. Also try to put as little load as possible on your computer during the scan. I think this is a bug in the firmware of these scanners. You may also try to increase the scan width as this sometimes leads to better results. Please send a bug report if this occurs (see Bug and success reports).

The ScanMagic 9636S seems to be identical to the ScanExpress 12000SP. So don't be surprised if the backend identifies your ScanMagic as a ScanExpress 12000SP. There is no way to distinguish them in software.

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: " C06 S12IDW"

Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP Plus and ScanMagic 9636S Plus

Calibration before each scan is now supported but not perfect yet. This may help if your scanner is turned on for a long time and you get vertical stripes.

I don't have reports about the ScanMagic 9636S Plus, but it is probably identical to the ScanExpress 12000SP Plus.

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: "XC06 S12IDW"

Mustek ScanExpress 1200 FS

Only one report until now. The Linux kernel crashes when scanimage is called. I think that's a kernel issue or hardware problem. I think this scanner is similar to the other ScanExpress models but I don't have any report if it works until now. Please contact me if you own such a device.

Mustek Paragon 1200 LS

Very few reports about this scanner. It seems to work with the Mustek backend and is handled like a ScanExpress scanner. To use the full legal size the option "legal-size" must be used in mustek.conf after the device name of the scanner. See sane-mustek(5) for details. Please tell me if this works for you (see Bug and success reports).

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: " C06 S12IDW"

Mustek Paragon 1200 SP Pro and 1200 A3 Pro

At least the A3 Pro needs more testing. Lineart (1 bit), gray (8 bit), fast gray (8 bit) and color (24 + 36 bit) are supported. Calibration is supported now but isn't perfect yet. I don't know if it works for the 1200 A3 Pro.

Older versions of the mustek backend had some bugs concerning these scanners. Please make sure you use at least the version that came with sane-backends 1.0.9.

It is neccessary to enable "Quality calibration" for the first scan in any mode. Otherwise the backend stalles or pure white images are received.

When doing the first scan (or after doing no scan for some minutes) the scanner pauses for about 30-90 seconds before scanning for lamp-warmup.. If debug messages are enabled a message will be printed.

With its own 1505 card the whole kernel hangs sometimes. I don't know yet why this happens. Other scanners work with this card.

Support for automatic document feeder (ADF) couldn't be tested. The transparency adpater TA III is reported to work with the 1200 SP Pro. Please contact me if you have an ADF or an TA and the A3 Pro.

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: "MFS-1200SPPRO" (Paragon 1200 SP Pro)
SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: "MFS-1200A3PRO" (Paragon 1200 A3 Pro)

Mustek ScanExpress A3 SP

This scanner is supported since Mustek backend 1.0-97. In color mode in some resolutions a cyan stripe occurs. I don't know yet the source of this problem. Transparency adapter is supported but only the TAIV (ISO A4 size) because I don't have a bigger one. Please test and send debug reports.

SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: " L03 S12IDW"

Trust Imagery 1200, 1200 SP, 4800 SP, SCSI Connect 19200, SCSI Connect 19200 Excellence, 19200 excellence series

I have few reports for the Trust scanners, but these seem to work with the Mustek backend. They are relabeled Mustek scanners. They are said to be very slow at high resolutions, especially in color mode. Try to use it with a different SCSI adapter.

Note that there are lots of scanners made by Trust with "19200" in their name. Only the scanners mentioned above are supported by the Mustek backend (as far as I know). If your scanner identifies itsself (e.g. by sane-find-scanner) as a "Trust" or "AASHIMA" scanner (not Mustek) it is not supported. For example the 4800SP Plus doesn't work with the Mustek backend.

If your Trust Imagery 1200 only works in lineart and gray mode, use SANE 1.0.7 or later.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk (dk at farm dot org) had success with a Trust 19200 excellence series, FreeBSD 3.5 and an Adaptec 2940. If you have any questions about this configuration contact him.

Some other Trust scanners are supported by Frank Zago's Teco3 backend.

Imagery 1200: SCSI-vendor: MUSTEK; SCSI-model: MFS-06000CX; scanner-id: (see SCSI-model)[=Mustek Paragon 6000CX three pass]
Imagery 1200SP: SCSI-vendor: MUSTEK; SCSI-model: MSF-06000SP; scanner-id: (see SCSI-model)[=Mustek Paragon 6000SP]
Imagery 4800SP: SCSI_vendor: MUSTEK; SCSI-model: MFC-06000CZ; scanner-id: (see SCSI-model)[=Mustek Paragon 600 II CD]
SCSI Connect 19200 and Trust excellence series: SCSI-vendor: SCANNER; SCSI-model: [empty]; scanner-id: " C06 S12IDW" [=Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP]

Primax Compact 4800 SCSI

I have only one report about this scanner. It seems to be a relabeled Mustek 600 II CD (or MFC-600S). If you also own such a device or a different Primax scanner also supported by the Mustek backend please email me (see Bug and success reports).

Mustek Paragon 600 II N

This scanner isn't connected to the computer as usual (SCSI, USB or parallel port). It comes with its own ISA card (an ab306N) that supplies the power for the scanner, too. On the software side it looks like a parallel port device. SANE uses its own driver (sanei_ab306.c) to connect to the scanner. There is no kernel driver involved.

To configure the 600 II N, please read the man page (sane-mustek, search for "PARAGON 600 II N") and change mustek.conf. Try using scanimage, xscanimage or xsane. If you have any problems, check the following paragraphs.

In addition to SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK it is possible to set SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_AB306 to see what the hardware driver is doing exactly.

If your scanner isn't found check your mustek.conf. It should contain only the port adress e.g.: 0x3ab, no SCSI devices or /dev/scanner. Just try one address from the list in the man page that isn't occupied by your standard parallel port(s).

The driver must have access to the io card. You must either allow the user to read/write /dev/port (e.g. chmod a+rw /dev/port), run xscanimage/XSane as root or setuid it to root (chmod u+s /where/ever/your/frontend/is). Be careful with the root privileges! You should now at least hear some noise (init) from your scanner and its light should be on. With Linux kernels >= 2.2.11 you need to be root to access /dev/port.

If your color scans are looking crazy (stripes) you should reread the man page concerning the option linedistance-fix. If you have firmware version 1.x, delete option linedistance-fix from mustek.conf. For firmware 2.x option linedistance-fix should be enabled.

If your scanner ever gets stuck (green light flashes, no response from scanner) you can use a program from the tools/ directory: mustek600iin-off.c. Starting this command will shut off your scanner. Otherwise you would have to disconnect the scanner cable to reset it. To compile the code just run make mustek600iin-off in the tools directory of SANE.

Scanning in greyscale or color above about 300 dpi can result in garbage in the image. No solution yet, but I think the transfer from the scanner into the computer's memory is too slow.

Scanners with firmware 1.00 seem to block when the frontend is started the first time. Try to set "option force-wait" in mustek.conf. This will work with Mustek backend 1.0-100 and higher.

"SCSI"-vendor: SCANNER; "SCSI"-model: [empty]; scanner-id: MFC-06000CZ

Mustek Paragon 600 II EP

This is a true parallel port scanner. It uses a SCSI-over-parallel port protocol therefore it's supported by the Mustek SCSI backend. Support has been added after sane-backends 1.0.13 so you need to get a development snapshot currently. The code for supporting this scanner was written by James Perry.

Setup is similar to the 600 II N. See the manual page for details.

As support for this scanner is new, it's completely untested. If you own such a scanner, please contact me.


Some links for general SANE documentation can be found on my SANE page.

Bug and success reports

I need as much feedback as possible. If you have a Mustek (or a supported Trust) scanner please tell me if it is working with SANE. If you have a problem please try the latest Mustek backend before sending mail. I need the following information:

Please write to Please use German or English language for your emails to me.

Setting the debug level

Use export SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK=255 to set the debug level to maximum before running any SANE program. To find out about SCSI problems use export SANE_DEBUG_SANEI_SCSI=255. These debugging options decrease performance of high resolution scans. Don't enable them in day-to-day usage. Example (for sh/bash):

      SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK=5 scanimage -L

SCSI Problems

Various performance and color stripes problems may be related to the SCSI driver and hardware. Also quite some problems with SCSI drivers occured in the last years. Some of them are mentioned in the next sections. Please read the man page sane-scsi for general information on SCSI configuration. You can use sane-find-scanner to look for all connected SCSI scanners. If the scanner isn't listed the problem is related to the SCSI driver, to the hardware or to file permissions (for /dev/sg*). If it's listed by sane-find-scanner, it may or may not be supported by SANE.

As far as I know, the Mustek backend works with every SCSI controller that's supported by the operationg system.

SCSI adapters provided by Mustek

The following table lists the SCSI cards supplied by Mustek that have been reported to me. Some pictures of these SCSI adapters can be found at the Mustek website. The tables shows how to load the driver as a Linux kernel module. You may need to change the IO port address, however. Look in the READMEs or sourcecode for the kernel parameters, if you don't want to use modules. If your scanner came with a different card or you have some information about other operating systems please contact me.

ModelChip-ID(s) modprobe command
DTC-3181EDTCT-436P modprobe g_NCR5380 ncr_addr=0x280 dtc_3181e=1
AZ SCSI53C400A modprobe g_NCR5380 ncr_addr=0x280 ncr_53c400a=1
Adaptec AVA-1505AE/AIAVA-1505Aemodprobe aha152x aha152x=0x140,10
Domex DMX3191D536modprobe dmx3191
DTC-3181ADTCT-436modprobe g_NCR5380 ncr_addr=0x2C0 dtc_3181e=1, more details
AX SCSI53C400untested, maybe also g_NCR5380?
Adaptec AVA-1502P?untested, maybe aha152x?
Adaptec AVA-1502AP?untested, maybe aha152x?

For the g_NCR5380 driver there are some tunable options (USLEEP) at the beginning of the file linux/drivers/scsi/g_NCR5380.c. Use them at your own risk. Playing with them may freeze your kernel completely. To achieve higher scan speed try to change the values: USLEEP_POLL 50, USLEEP_SLEEP 1 and USLEEP_WAITLONG 20. However, this will lower overall system performance. The unit for these options is a "jiffy" (10 ms). USLEEP_POLL is the time the driver waits for data, USLEEP_SLEEP is the time given back to the rest of the system. To achieve maximum scan speed comment out the line "#define USLEEP". This will block the system until the scan is finished. The gain is only about 15% (for me) but with some scanners the system is completely frozen. More information about this driver is in the files README.g_NCR5380, g_NCR5380.c, NCR5380.c. You may need to use isapnp if your card doesn't have jumpers to set the io port address. However, all the cards I have seen worked out of the box without this trick. If the default address 0x280 doesn't work, try one of those: 0x220, 0x240, 0x280, 0x2a0, 0x2c0, 0x300, 0x320, 0x340. IT was also reported that SCSI ID 0 must be selected at the scanner with these SCSI cards.

The driver for the DMX3191D is included in Linux 2.4.x.

There is an external description on how to get a Paragon 1200 running with a dtc3181 SCSI adapter. I didn't need to recompile the kernel but maybe it can help anyway. find-scanner is called sane-find-scanner nowadays.


Mustek scanners needn't be terminated if their own SCSI controller is used, at least, that's what Mustek says and it's also my own experience. On the other hand an external terminator won't hurt. No Mustek SCSI scanner has an internal automatic terminator as far as I know. If you use more than one device, normal termination rules apply.

Linux kernel related SCSI problems

Linux 2.4.x: Various people have reported problems with Mustek scanners and Linux 2.4.x. Timeouts, IO-errors any other problems occured. Before anything else, update to at least SANE 1.0.5 and Mustek backend 1.0-111. If this doesn't fix your problem, update your kernel. I had quite some problems with Linux 2.4.3. You may also try to set the following in mustek.conf: option disable-double-buffering and option buffersize 32. See man sane-mustek for details.

Linux 2.2.x, x < 7: These Linux kernels can't change buffer size at run-time. Standard buffer size is 32k, which is way to less for the Mustek backend and will lead to out-of-memory errors. It's possible to change this in the kernel source (see man sane-scsi) but it's easier to update to a current 2.2 or better 2.4 kernel.

Linux 2.0.x: These kernels can't change buffer size at run time (see above). They also don't contain the driver for the Mustek SCSI adapters (g_NCR5380). Upgrade.

Adaptec 1542 and other Adaptec controllers: From the README.linux of SANE: Adaptec 1542 SCSI adapter: Using buffer sizes of more than 32768 bytes with the aha1542 driver can lead to kernel panic. This problem seems to affect other Adaptec controllers, too. So if you see kernel panics, set "option buffersize 32" in mustek.conf. This shouldn't happen with current Linux kernels.

I have some reports that with newer Linux kernels Adaptec controllers don't work well with the Mustek scanners. The solution is to use the aic7xxx_old kernel module instead of aic7xxx.

NCR 810 and clones: With some scanners this controller blocks the kernel. Disabling disconnect/reconnect seems to solve this problem (options ncr53c8xx ncr53c8xx="disc:n").

Advance Acard: Some people told me that their scanner wasn't detected using Acard / Advance SCSI adapters and Linux. If you look at the debug output (level 5) you can see, that the inquiry information is cut at byte 36. After that byte only garbage is returned. As this information is essential for the detection of the scanner, the backend can't detect it. I was told that the Acard problems don't occur any more with recent 2.4.x Linux kernels.

OpenBSD/NetBSD SCSI problems

SANE only works with the uk?-devices (e.g. /dev/uk0). If your scanner is detected by the ss driver, it won't work. Remove ss from the kernel with the "config" utility or compile a new kernel without ss. Set a link /dev/scanner to /dev/uk0 and/or edit mustek.conf.

The scanners with high resolutions need big SCSI buffer sizes. See README.netbsd for details.

Scanning speed tips

Most of the Mustek scanners are slow at high resolutions with their own SCSI adapter. In color mode after some millimeters of scanning backtracking occurs. The CCD bar moves back some millimeters and starts again. Some tips that may work:

All these points may or may not work with your scanner, so please send feedback!

If you set the debug level to at least 3 the backend will print out the scanning time (without the time of the return of the scan slider).

Color problems

Most of the color problems look like this: Colors are wrong, horizontal lines occur and sometimes the backend even segfaults in color mode. These errors most of the time result from different methods to compensate for the line shift of the three color CCD lines. Some scanners do this line-distance correction internally, for some this must be done in the backend. So the backend must know for which firmware version it should do the correction and for which it's not necessary. As I don't know all firmware versions some may be set up incorrect. Please try enabling/disabling "option linedistance-fix" in mustek.conf. Please send an email with a debug report to me if this doesn't help.

Problems related to other backends

If you think your scanner is not recognized because of another backend talking to it just disable all other backends. Edit dll.conf and comment out everything but mustek.

Color images have small squares everywhere

This may be some sort moiree-effect especially with printed images. Look at this example. Try to use a slightly different resolution. If this doesn't help, you may use Gimp filters like "gaussian RLE blur" to improve the image quality.

Scanner is making horrible noises and scan slider is oblique

This can happen if your scanner left the normal scan area. As Mustek scanners don't have end sensors your scanner may be damaged by this. Other reasons: you forgot to unlock the scanner before scanning or didn't lock it before transporting. If this happens turn off your scanner immediately!

For the A4 Paragon models (600 II N, 600 II CD, 600S, 800 II SP) this can be fixed most of the time (no guarantees!): Turn off the device and remove all cables. Open the lid on the back of your scanner (4 screws). You will find a cylinder with a toothed weel and wires on it. Probably some of the wires went inside the cylinder. Open the screw some some turns and try to get the wires back on the cylinder. It may help to turn the toothed weels foreward and backward. Dont forget to fix the cylinder using the screw. Close the lid and give it a try.

I haven't seen these problems for other scanners, so you are on your own with these. However, I am interested in reports!

Transparency Adapter (TA) trouble

There are at least five types of TA: TAI (for Paragon legal size scanners), TAII (for Paragon series II ISO A4 scanners), TAIII (I don't know for which scanners, maybe Pro or A3?), TAIV (for ScanExpress scanners), and TA V for BearPaw USB scanners (1200F and 2400?).

To enable the transparency unit, just set the source option to "Transparency adapter". If this selection doesn't show up, your TA wasn't detected by the driver. Please send an email to me in this case (see bug and success reports).

The TAs for the Paragon legal size scanners TA I (6000CX, 8000CX, 6000SP, 8000SP, 12000SP) and for the Paragon A4 size scanners TA II (600 II CD, 800 II SP) are detected and supported by the backend. I'm interested in reports.

The TA IV (fo ScanExpress scanners) can be used for all scanners (non-Mustek, too) because it doesn't connect to the scanner itsself, only to a power adapter. Some ScanExpress scanners support the TA directly, that means that the internal lamp is turned off and the calibration line of the TA is used. In this case you must place the TA exactly at the top-right corner of the scanner (look at the arrow) with its power connection pointing to the back of the scanner, otherwise you may get over-exposed images.

Automatic document feeder (ADF) trouble

The ADFs for Paragon Legal and A4 size scanners are supported and tested. I didn't test the ADF for the Pro series models and a ADF for ScanExpress scanners doesn't seem to exist. To use the ADF, enable "Automatic Document Feeder" in the source option.

Xscanimage and scanimage will get 1 page from the ADF and scan it. Recent versions of scanimage also support automatic document feedes. Xsane can scan all the pages in the ADF by pressing the "start" button only once. There is also a special ADF command line frontend: scanadf.


There are two ways to get an up-to-date Mustek SCSI backend from this site: Use a current snapshot or the backend itsself. The CVS snapshots contain the complete SANE distribution and are rather big. If you don't have the latest SANE source code installed, it's probably best to start with a snapshot. Otherwise the backend alone will be ok.

You can also access the official SANE CVS tree, it contains the latest mustek backend.

These files are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY etc. etc. etc. Even if this is mostly stable software at the moment, there are known (and maybe unknown) bugs. I can't test all of it because I don't own all the scanners.

The Mustek scanners have no protection against exceeding the physical scan area height. If you try untested scanners be prepared to pull the plug when the scanner makes loud noises. Please read the PROBLEMS file in the SANE distribution.

Have a look at the mustek.CHANGES file, which is included in the backend tar.gz file, too. It describes every change in the code that is significant.

Most of the older files are also available, especially for testing and hunting bugs. See Older software.

SANE CVS snapshots

These files are (unofficial) snapshots of the SANE CVS (sane-backends + sane-frontends). See the snapshot page for details.

Mustek SCSI backend update files

There are no updates currently. Use the latest SANE version.

Older backends (for testing and locating bugs only)

For SANE 1.0.15: 1.0-138

For SANE 1.0.14: 1.0-137

For SANE 1.0.13: 1.0-136

For SANE 1.0.10/1.0.11: 1.0-132, 1.0-131

For SANE 1.0.9: 1.0-129

For SANE 1.0.8: 1.0-128, 1.0-127, 1.0-126, 1.0-125, 1.0-124

For SANE 1.0.7: 1.0-122, 1.0-121, 1.0-120, 1.0-119

For SANE 1.0.6: 1.0-118, 1.0-117, 1.0-116, 1.0-114

For SANE 1.0.5: 1.0-113, 1.0-112, 1.0-111, 1.0-110, 1.0-109, 1.0-108

For SANE 1.0.4: 1.0-106, 1.0-105, 1.0-104, 1.0-103

For SANE 1.0.3: 1.0-101, 1.0-100, 1.0-99, 1.0-98

Last modified: 2008-03-02 16:29:32 CET by Henning Geinitz

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