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I'm no longer active in developing SANE drivers. Please send any comments or support requests to the sane-devel mailing list.


This page describes the SANE Genesys backend which supports some scanners based on the Genesys Logic GeneScan II GL646USB and the GeneScan III GL841 chipset. Other scanners using that chipsets may be added later.

This is not about Microsoft Windows. I can't help you with this operating system. Don't ask questions about Windows drivers.

Please send all questions and comments regarding the genesys backend to the sane-devel mailing list. Please do not send emails concerning the genesys backend to the author of this page directly.


The genesys backend is part of sane-backends since version 1.0.16. However, since that release several bug fixes have been applied and new scanners have been added. Therefore, if sane-backends 1.0.16 does not work for you, try the current stable or development (CVS) versions. For news, see the sane-devel mailing list.

To find out if your scanner is supported by the genesys backend, look at the list of scanners supported by the latest stable version and by the development (CVS) version of the genesys backend.


For the stable version of SANE see our download page for details.

For really current code, use the SANE CVS. Or just download one of our daily sane-backends development snapshots. If you use development code you should be subscribed to sane-devel and follow the discussions about the genesys backend. Current patches are also often sent to sane-devel.

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Last modified: 2008-03-02 16:25:52 CET by Henning Geinitz. As mentioned above, please don't mail me about the genesys backend. Instead, use the sane-devel mailing list.

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