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Linux USB Scanner Driver


This driver is not included in Linux 2.6.3 and later anymore. Please use libusb instead. SANE supports libusb since version 1.0.9.


The Linux USB scanner driver is able to detect most USB scanners. It supports detection, reading from bulk-in endpoints, writing to bulk-out endpoints, sending control messages and asking for vendor and product ids. All the high level support must be done by applications like SANE. That means that it isn't sufficiant that a scanner is detected by the kernel scanner driver. Without a SANE (or other userspace) program that supports the scanner, acquiring images is impossible.

The scanner driver was originally written and maintained by David E. Nelson and later maintained by Brian Beattie. In 2003, I took over maintainership.

Some scanners aren't supported by the generic scanner driver but by special drivers:

If your scanner is not one of the above mentioned devices but isn't detected by the scanner driver, try to load the scanner module with the vendor and device options, see documenation section for details. Please send me the vendor and product ids of scanners that are not detected yet.


Look at the explanation in /usr/src/linux/documentation/usb/scanner.txt.


Bugs and missing features

If you miss something in the scanner driver, please contact me. This list only mentions issues that are not already fixed in the latest stable kernel (pre-) release.


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